Bootstrap your DAO with


Stream a token over a period of time

With fluidity:

  1. 📄 create smart contracts to manage your NFT memberships
  2. 🌊 provide a vesting schedule through streaming tokens over a period of time
  3. 💸 gain liquidity in your treasury with stables, ETH, or your choice of token


Our ragtag team stepped into the ether and found each other during the web3con hackathon.


Q: What is this about?

A: Fluidity is a bootstrapping utility for DAOs / Organizations to sell an NFT for ETH while “streaming” their token to the NFT owner/buyer over a set vesting period.

With Fluidity, DAOs can set up their NFT contract and their members can mint and purchase these NFTs for ETH which kicks off a stream of DAO tokens over a month. This reduces the sell pressure on their token and diversifies their treasure with stable and usable tokens.

Fluidity is built on Decentology Hyperverse. With hyperverse, we've built a custom Smart Module which integrates Superfluid contracts. We've also built a template front-end leveraging the Hyperverse libraries, which allows DAOs to setup their NFT contracts and for their users to mint their NFTs which will kick off the stream of tokens.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the project?

A: Starting a DAO can have multiple financial issues that have yet to be addressed. When a new token is minted by a dao there is intense sell pressure on the token and this can take attention away from the true utility the token provides. Our application provides DAOs some breathing room to focus on their core initiative while getting early funding in a way that is mutually beneficial.